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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's In Your Library Bag Wednesday....

     Hi fellow readers! I hope you are having an awesome Wednesday! I know many of you are busy and don't have time to think, let alone read. But, I think reading is important and if you read nothing else today, read this edited version of a lecture that author Neil Gaiman gave in London on Monday. It's about the value of libraries and the value of imaginations and the value of reading! We live in a society that is always go, go, go, and "I don't have time to read," but reading inspires and it creates and in the end makes us and our world a better place.
     Be inspired and read this...

On a side note: Last night I watched the movie Pay it Forward (of course, based on a book) with my kids for a Boy Scout project on Citizenship in Your Community. A main theme of the movie is how everyone can change their world no matter how young they are. You may think you are a kid and have no impact, but come up with an idea and do it, and watch what can happen.
     A new young adult book in the library, Seeing Red by Kathryn Erskine, talks about the civil rights movement. In her note at the end, she remembers growing up during this time period and the helplessness of it all. She notes, however, that she wrote this novel to show that even though we have a long way yet to come, we should "be strong, be brave and be leaders."
     So, along with Neil Gaiman in his speech on Monday, these two examples of a movie based on a book and a new novel, show how reading, fiction or non-fiction,  and our imaginations will inspire and create and make the world a better place to be.
    Go out and read something today!

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